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Mahabhairav Temple

The Mahabhairav temple is located at a hillock in northern Tezpur.The temple is considered as one of the major ancient landmarks of Tezpur. It is believed that the temple was set up by the demon king Banasur during the prehistoric times.  The temple houses one of the biggest Shiva Lingas in the world.

History of Mahabhairav Temple

Religious places in Tezpur

The history of the Mahabhairav temple goes back to the age of Puranas. According to legends, the demon king Banasur introduced the Linga worship. The demon King had set up his capital in Tezpur and had constructed the temple out of stone. However, according to the archaeologists the temple was constructed by the kings of the Salasthamba dynasty in between 8th to 10th century. In the year 1897, the original temple was destroyed in the earthquake and later the temple was built during the early part of the 20th century.

Present Structure of Mahabhairav Temple

The present structure of the Mahabhairav temple in Assam was constructed by the contribution of Sri Swayambar Bharati also known as Naga Baba and later developed by Sri Mahadeo Bharati and other devotees. Sri Mahadeo Bharati also constructed ‘Nat Mandir’ close to the temple. Another devotee, after a few years built the cement-concrete idols of Hanuman and Ganesh as ‘Dwarpaals’ in front of the temple. One of the major attractions of the temple is the exquisitely carved main entrance gate by Sri Joy Das.

The temple also has a Kalyan Mandapam where social functions puja and marriages are held. The façade of the temple has been renovated and interiors developed recently with the help of contributions of the former DC and other personalities. In order to protect the sacred temple a wall is also under construction. In order to make the temple a pilgrimage center there are plans of making guest room and landscaping the premises. Some remains of the original temple can still be found scattered all around the temple.

The Ahom kings especially of the Tungkhungiya dynasty, during their rule donated a large area of Devottar land to the temple. Paiks and  pujaris were appointed to look after the temple. The Assam Government though a managing committee headed by the District Deputy Commissioner manages the temple.

Festivals in Mahabhairav Temple

One of the major festivals celebrated at the Temple is the Shivratri Festival. The festival is celebrated with much glory and devotion. Every year, many devotees visit the temple to give their devotion to Lord Shiva.

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